Where can I get cheap house cleaning?

You work too many hours per week and you are too tired to clean up your house? It’s been weeks since the last time you vacuumed the carpets and the sofas? Well, then you are in desperate need of my very cheap solution.

House cleaning is, if you ask me, the best invention in the world, except for the telephone and the internet. House cleaning is cheaper than both of them so I still like the advantage of paying someone to do all my cleaning. In exchange of the right fee, house cleaners will do your laundry; will wash your dishes, will vacuum and dust off the sofas and the carpets and they will even clean your windows if you ask them nicely. Seriously, life has become so much easier since I can afford house cleaning. The ironic thing is I had always had the money (they are really cheap) but I never had the time to think about it.

Rombis CleaningUp until a certain point I had tried to cleanup after myself, I would stay up until the middle of the night doing the dishes and dusting off the furniture. But then a turning point in my life made me realize time is much too valuable to waste on cleaning. A friend of mine gave me the idea of looking for cleaners, because he as always complaining I don’t spend enough time with him. When I told him why (because I would spend my free time cleaning up), he rightfully called me crazy. Get house cleaning, he said. And then it hit me! I actually could do that.

Ever since that day I have been spending my weekends with my friends, forgetting everything there is to forget about cleaning. I am currently paying a lady to come to my house ever two days to do my laundry and wash my dishes, and also cook something for me. Every week she also cleans the carpets and the furniture, and even makes me cake. I love how easy everything became and I regret not doing it sooner.

If you find yourself in the same situation (with enough money but not enough time), don’t wait for your life to pass by, hire house cleaners!


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