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Easy office cleaning

For those of us who work in an office, office cleaning can be a real burden. You never have enough time to meet your deadlines, not to mention cleaning your desk. I have been looking for a way to escape from this “chore” ever since I have started working in an office, so I had the chance to make a proposition to my manager to hire a company that does office cleaning, so that none of the employees waste time on cleaning. Just lie in any normal company, this was very well received, but guess who got the job to find this company that would clean our offices? I was, of course.

So, there I was, wasting time looking for something I didn’t really know how to search. After searching on the internet the availability of many cleaning companies, I got to the conclusion they were quite expensive. After a two-day’s work of searching the best solution, I found an office cleaning company in Dublin that had the right price for its services. Not too expensive to be ignored, but not too cheap to be a trick.

Therefore, I called them, and made them an offer. Judging by the area that needed to be kept clean, the number of offices in the building and the precise work they needed to do, we came around a certain amount that fitted both them and my manager. Need less to say, my workload has become easier, because every other day the cleaning company sends in two very fast cleaners that dust off every office and vacuums the carpets. However, they don’t come in during working hours, because we set, in the contract that they would come before, or after the working hours.

Although it wasn’t really easy to find the perfect office cleaning company, it was definitely worthwhile, and I am seriously thinking of hiring them to clean my house, to, since I don’t really have the time to do it myself.


Contact Rombis Cleaning for the best apartment cleaning services!

Certainly all people are a unit bored to remain on a daily basis and clean the living accommodations, but, we’ve got an answer for it, we have the best cleaners which offer professional apartment cleaning starting the best prices.

This is a very important chance, particularly for the people that can’t keep longer reception, however, in fact, they actually need to own a clean and exquisite house after they arrive when a full operating day.

Like each service, apartment cleaning is provided by skilled people that have ready during this domain, definitely the expertise isn’t a retardant for them. Whenever you need professional cleaning services, you’ve got to contact the operators from Rombis Cleaning, one amongst the most important company in the United Kingdom.
It’s easier for all the individuals to rent skilled cleaners, for the instance, they need all the desired tools which might facilitate them to complete the duty within the shortest time while not a lot of issues.

Why to don’t profit regarding it, you’ll exit together with your friend once you have a lot of free time then occupy homes and clean your apartment.

Hire solely professional cleaners provided by Rombis Cleaning and certainly you’ll be terribly happy regarding it. Write your feedback on the web site when the staff has done their job in your house.

Don’t forget to raise all the small print regarding apartment cleaning service you wish, whenever you would like, the operators can offer you all the data you wish.

Don’t lose your free time cleaning your living apartment, hire skilled cleaners and allow them to wash your house and build it lovely till you attain home.

Office Cleaning Dublin

Rombis Cleaning Ltd is providing professional office cleaning services in Dublin and the surrounding area. Our company provides two types of office cleaning services, regular office cleaning and once off office cleaning. Our company owns some of the best office cleaning equipment available that enable us to complete huge once off office cleaning jobs. Our office cleaning staff is fully trained and hold all the permits required by the industry. Our company offers free estimates with all our office cleaning enquires.

So what makes our once off office cleaning so special?Rombis Cleaning

Fast booking system with the same day service. Top of the range machinery and cleaning products.

Affordable prices – our prices are estimated in the base of the size and the condition of your office.

Location and the parking facilities are also affecting the price. All our office cleaning estimates are free of charge. Full list of “latest projects” listed on our website so you can see other office cleaning projects completed.

Regular office cleaning:

Hundreds of companies are using our regular office cleaning service on a daily basis. Our rates are very competitive but what make us very attractive for all our customers is the personal service. We are a not a huge soulless corporation where our customers are just a number. We personal know all our customers and our company is like a big family. Our office cleaning plans are made to suit any requirements and if the amounts of hours require by the client are way too much we will inform the customer in n o time. All our office cleaning services are fully insured and safety statements will be issued with all our office cleaning estimates.

Rombis Cleaning ltd is open for business 24/7 and we cover the whole Co Dublin for small to big jobs and the whole Ireland for big jobs. Our website offers online payments to all our office cleaning customers. For bigger jobs please provide us with a good notice.

We will supply all the cleaning products needed, all the machinery needed and we will not work with your own staff. We will only provide guarantee if all this conditions are met. For regular office cleaning services we will never take your old staff on. We cannot guarantee for the quality of their work.

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